Flying can be a real treat. It often marks the beginning of your holiday, and to start it off properly, you are forced into a number of hours of doing nothing but finding ways to entertain yourself. Then you touch down onto undiscovered territory, and step out into a waft of (hopefully warm) fresh air.

On a less than ideal day, flying can be very torturous. Whether it’s boredom, discomfort, or worse: a rumbling tummy. There is nothing like having eaten your way through your home-packed sandwiches at the start of your trip, and having hours ahead of you with only a 50 calorie bag of peanuts offered to you. Because “we’re sorry, ma’am, there is mayo on that falafel wrap.”

So, to help you decide on which airline, or – when you do not have much choice in the matter- to help you prepare your on-flight stash.

January 19, 2018
February 2, 2018